ICT Security and Compliance

Defending Your Digital Frontier

In an ever-evolving threat landscape, safeguarding your organisation’s critical assets is non-negotiable. At WR360, we specialise in information security and compliance, empowering businesses to stay ahead of cyber adversaries. Our professionals will leverage their expertise to enhance your cybersecurity posture by:

  • Using industry standard controls which provide a prescriptive, prioritised, and simplified set of best practices. These controls are designed to bolster your cybersecurity defenses against today’s top threats. Specifically:
    • Simplified Threat Protection: Each control consists of specific safeguards, making it easier for you to defend against cyberattacks.
    • “Easier” Compliance: Implementing the controls creates an on-ramp for complying with industry regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, POPIA and TISAX.
    • Essential Cyber Hygiene: The controls include foundational security measures that protect you from common vulnerabilities like unpatched software and poor configuration management.
    • Information to Action: Adapt to the dynamic nature of modern systems by aligning security efforts with your business goals.
    • Aligning with Legal Requirements: Many regulators recognise the controls as a way to demonstrate a “reasonable” level of security.
  • The controls are prioritised and easy-to-understand. They cover a wide range of security aspects, from basic hygiene to advanced protection.
    • IG1 (Implementation Group 1): Base-level controls for all enterprises, thwarting general attacks. Includes 56 safeguards.
    • IG2 (Implementation Group 2): Coping with operational complexity in organisations managing multiple IT departments. Includes 74 additional safeguards.
    • IG3 (Implementation Group 3): Designed for organisations with IT security experts, securing sensitive data and mitigating cyberattack impact. Includes 23 additional safeguards.

For a detailed analysis of each control, please contact us to schedule a gap analysis and a roadmap to harden your defenses.

WR360 is your trusted partner. Let’s fortify your defenses and navigate the digital frontier together.